Paid Search

The paid search landscape is increasingly cluttered and competitive. In order to maximize results, you need robust technology, insightful data analysis skills, and continual performance-based testing. Hall excels in comprehensive and scalable paid search optimization.

AM corporation’s deep expertise in paid search enables us to address complex challenges from changes in inventory levels and demand, to fluctuations in pricing, seasonality, promotions, and co-op funding. We know that mobile searches will soon outpace desktop searches and that online shopping is heavily influenced by social media. Our approach responds and adjusts to this rapidly changing landscape, and keeps your campaigns current with industry changes and your business’s challenges.

For years, Hall has been helping top brands achieve their objectives with paid search, consistently delivering year-over-year increases in revenue and matching efficiency goals. We manage every element from account setup or overhaul to keyword research and expansion, ad copy, landing page recommendations, bid management, and ongoing testing. We have extensive experience managing complex enterprise accounts with multiple goals and even competing products.